Front of House

This is an area where we supply staff to a range of commercial and public sector premises, to act as both a security presence and also as a meet and greet reception service. This requires individuals with both security experience and knowledge, and also excellent communication and customer service skills. Examples of the types of organisation that we can supply Reception Security to are:

  • Commercial office complexes – single or multi-tenanted
  • Call centres
  • Local authority buildings
  • Sports & leisure Facilities
  • Visitor entrance areas at corporate industrial buildings/factories
  • Government buildings
  • Business parks

We can offer a choice of uniforms, or tailor them to your specific requirements with your own corporate logo incorporated if required. Uniform for this type of role tends to reflect the environment that the officer is operating in, and nowadays clients often prefer the reception security in a business suit rather than traditional ‘military style’ uniform.

Duties involve, issuing visitor passes, controlling access & egress, liaising with several members of the organisation, lone worker monitoring of late workers, observing CCTV cameras if necessary at times of less traffic, remote access barrier control etc. This list is not exhaustive but hopefully demonstrates our professionalism and experience in carrying out this type of service.

Cheshire Security Services Front of House
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