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Wireless Monitoring

This is a camera sensor system that requires no wires or cabling, meaning that it is ideal for construction sites as it can be moved around as the site develops, or extra camera sensors added through the build life of the development.

It works on the same system as conventional CCTV monitoring, yet has the added advantage that you don’t have to do any digging to lay cables or poles as these cameras can simply be attached to any building. This is very important as any construction project cannot afford to be digging and fitting extra installations that were not part of the original build plan. All construction sites however, do need some level of security. The advantage of this system is that, as it is based on a sensor, it will never ever miss anything that may move in front of it, whereas a guard may be at a different part of your site, writing a report or having a meal break when an intruder is trying to gain access to a particular section of the site. Our sensors will immediately be activated and transmit the images back to our monitoring centre. We can then alert the police, who have to attend as it is classed as a ‘visual verification’.

This is proving increasingly popular, and hugely cost effective, among organisations such as construction companies, local authorities with void properties, managing agents,developerse and a whole host of customers whose premises are locked up and unguarded at night.

It also has the advantage that a member of staff or management doesn’t have to be woken in the middle of the night to attend an alarm, as our sensors will pick anything up well before any alarm can be activated.

Cheshire Security Services Wireless Monitoring
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