CCTV Installation and Monitoring

Not all organisations can afford, or indeed require, a person to be on security duty round the clock. It may be impractical for example, to have somebody controlling access and egress at a premises where a large number of employees are moving around during daylight hours. However, many of these types of organisation require a safety warning system that is a level more advanced than an alarm system, yet without the expense of paying for contracted guards. This is where our remote CCTV monitoring and off-site detection service is proving very popular.

We can install, service and monitor any number of cameras, from our state-of-the-art monitoring centre. This means that should an unwelcome intruder enter your site, we can alert the police immediately, and can shout a warning over an audio speaker attached to the camera system, if you wish to have one fitted. This is proving very popular with customers in the current economic climate, as both the commercial and public sector look to make cost savings, without reducing the safety and security of their premises. It is also strongly supported by the police forces across the country, as should the intruder fail to heed the warning, it will result in a guaranteed arrest for unlawful entry. It means that police forces can be targeted to exactly where a crime is attempting to be committed, making their time more useful and cost-effective also.

We charge a monthly rental fee which includes installation, monitoring, servicing and maintenance. We do not have any hidden costs for this service, simply a set amount, based on the number of cameras to be monitored. This is usually a fraction of the cost of manned guarding, and can make a significant and immediate difference to your overheads if you have relied on traditional guarding in the past.

Cheshire Security Services CCTV Monitoring
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